Lecrae, John Legend

Постер Lecrae, John Legend - Drown
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  • Исполнитель: Lecrae, John Legend
  • Длительность: 3:20
  • Лейбл: Reach
  • Загружено: 24 июль 2020
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Lecrae, John Legend - Drown
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Lecrae, John Legend - Drown
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Drown текст песни
I’ve been trying not to go off the deep end
Give me a reason
I’ve been trying not to-
Uh, stay on point, I’ve been tryna save my voice
But y’all gave me no choice
The world goin' mad, can’t ignore this noise
Look at these people found dead in the streets
I got some partners, they hate the police
Me, I’m just tryna hold on to my peace
'Cause I’m liable to lose it and go get the piece
I need a reason, I need the season
Pray to a Jesus, all of this grievin'
They be like, «F you and what you believe in»
I do not trip, I keep it G
When in the H, you sayin' to I
Ain’t no JK when I’m talkin' to God
I need a reason to open my eyes
If I’m still breathin', I’m runnin' from ma, man (My mom)
Uh, yeah, I’ve been doin' better than I was before
I walk with a limp 'cause I’ve been wrestlin' with the Holy Ghost
Deep end, but somehow I keep on floating, uh
Thought I lost my grip, but God reminded me He’s holy, uh
I’ve been trying not to go off the deep end
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