Can't Be Me

Постер Russ - Can't Be Me
  • Слушали: 92 раз
  • Исполнитель: Russ
  • Длительность: 2:31
  • Лейбл: Russ My Way
  • Загружено: 29 июль 2020
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Russ - Can't Be Me
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Russ - Can't Be Me
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Can't Be Me текст песни
Nah, it can’t be me
Gotta get it how I got it
Always on go, I ain’t about to stop stoppin'
Barely can afford for me not to be your problem
Bitches in the mud, not in your wallet
So I gotta keep my mind right (Yeah)
stars aligned (Yeah)
Mix a little passion with persistence
They say, «Now you got listens»
They say, «Now you got riches» (Now, now)
These are for the ones that say, «Look, I’m next»
All life long, gotta keep your foot on necks (Uh)
Lead my example if you wanna put the people on the route, you better make sure
you wanna on best
Nah, it can’t be me
Bein' one of those ones (Now)
That’ll get shit done, wonder why they never won (Hm)
Nah, it can’t be me
Lettin' time go to waste, they sit around all day (Uh)
Never makin' shit shake (Now)
Nah, it can’t be me
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